UK government releases green energy plan
Release Date: 2023-04-03 Visit: 115 Source: TIDE SOLAR INC.

According to foreign media reports, the British government's green energy plan released on March 30th shows increased support for the country's photovoltaic industry, and this day is known as the "Green Day" of the UK.
The British government has announced ambitious plans to expand the scale of domestic clean energy and build a green industry, including a commitment to simplify planning and licensing for the installation of photovoltaic systems.
Previously, business people criticized the UK's net zero emissions strategy as failing to meet the country's climate targets by 2050, which led the UK High Court to request the UK government to amend its proposal within nine months from July 2022.
Simplify planning permission for the construction of photovoltaic systems and offshore wind power - The UK government is committed to reforming the planning process for energy infrastructure (especially photovoltaic systems and offshore wind power) to accelerate this process and attract investment.
An additional £ 10 billion investment to increase production capacity to promote exports (including the cleaning sector). These funds will be provided to UK export finance.
British Prime Minister Lish Sunak said, "When the global energy supply was affected by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, we saw the electricity bills of household users soar and economic growth slows down. The British government has stepped in to help household users pay about half of their energy bills and work hard to ensure our energy security. In the long run, the UK needs to provide more affordable clean energy, so that we can reduce energy prices and develop the economy.