Greece Launches Roof Solar Subsidy Program


Greece will provide a subsidy of 238 million euros (approximately $260.6 million) for households and farmers to install solar systems and energy storage batteries.

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European photovoltaic module prices may rise


Enerparc's Chief Operating Officer, Stefan M ü ller, recently stated that photovoltaic developers are increasingly interested in using European made photovoltaic modules

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30% year-on-year growth! 2.6GW of photovoltaic installed capacity in Germany in the first quarter of 2023


According to a research report recently released by the Bundesnetzagentur, Germany installed 2.6GW of photovoltaic systems in the first quarter of 2023 (Q1)

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Continuous technological progress in the solar energy industry


Among all the benefits of solar panels, the most important is that solar energy is a truly renewable energy source. It can be utilized in all regions of the world and can be used every day.

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Research Report on Solar Energy Advantages


With the advancement of technology and the decrease in costs, the advantages of solar energy are becoming increasingly apparent.

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Rapid transformation of global energy landscape towards renewable energy


Many countries around the world have introduced the policy of "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality". The global energy pattern has rapidly transformed from fossil energy to renewable energy

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UK government releases green energy plan


According to foreign media reports, the British government's green energy plan released on March 30th shows increased support for the country's photovoltaic industry, and this day is known as the "Green Day" of the UK.

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Europe vigorously develops green and clean energy!


Poland, the largest hard coal producer in Europe, is striving to achieve decarbonization through renewable energy, which is crucial to the climate change mitigation agenda.

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Switzerland plans to provide subsidies for alpine photovoltaic


In October 2022, the Swiss government introduced measures for rapid approval and construction of alpine photovoltaic projects.

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The United States sets a target of 50GW of photovoltaic module production capacity


From polysilicon to the production and recycling of photovoltaic modules, how much capacity does the U.S. photovoltaic module manufacturing industry actually have?

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A 200MW project in Gujarat, India


In 2022, India exported solar cells and components worth $561 million.

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Europe Signed 8.4GW Power Purchase Agreement


According to an annual survey report released recently by Pexapar, a Swiss consultancy, renewable energy developers signed an 8.4GW electricity procurement agreement (PPA) in Europe in 2022.

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