The United States sets a target of 50GW of photovoltaic module production capacity
Release Date: 2023-03-13 Visit: 107 Source: Tidesolar Technology Co., LTD.

From polysilicon to the production and recycling of photovoltaic modules, how much capacity does the U.S. photovoltaic module manufacturing industry actually have?
Energy Transformation
The United States has been facing many pressures in the supply of photovoltaic modules imported from overseas. Due to the shortage of photovoltaic modules, it is difficult for the United States to achieve decarbonization and climate goals. The United States is now promoting the development of domestic photovoltaic module manufacturing industry to promote energy transformation.
Promulgate a bill
With the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) in the United States, the photovoltaic industry in the United States is committed to achieving higher goals and looking forward to a strong domestic energy supply chain in the United States in the future. The American Photovoltaic Industry Association (SEIA) recently released a road map to achieve this goal, with the goal of reaching 50GW of photovoltaic module production capacity annually by 2030.
The US Department of Energy stated, "A significant expansion of the US photovoltaic manufacturing industry can alleviate global supply chain challenges and bring significant benefits to the climate, US workers, employers, and the economy."
The United States Department of Energy concluded in a study that the annual production of photovoltaic modules manufactured in the United States will reach 10GW in two years, 15GW in three years, and 25GW in five years, thereby reaching an annual production of 50GW in 2030.