Up to 2400 euros! Ireland Launches Photovoltaic Rebate Plan for Non residential Building Roofs
Release Date: 2022-09-26 Visit: 239 Source: TIDE SOLAR INC.

According to foreign media reports, the Ministry of Environment, Climate and Communications of Ireland recently announced the introduction of a rebate plan for rooftop photovoltaic systems in non residential buildings.

According to the plan managed by the Irish Sustainable Energy Administration (SEAI), enterprises, public organizations and community groups that have installed non residential roof photovoltaic systems will be entitled to a rebate of up to 2400 euros per system.

The relevant Irish government department said in a statement: "By 2022, the maximum subsidy amount for each non residential roof photovoltaic system will be 2400 euros, and it will remain at this level by 2023."

The plan will be open to photovoltaic systems with an installed capacity of up to 6kW operating under the net metering plan launched in Ireland in December 2021. The plan aims to deploy a photovoltaic system of about 380MW.

For photovoltaic systems with an installed capacity from 6kW to 50kW, the plan provides clean export guarantee (CEG) rates for the remaining power injected into the grid. The electricity price set in 2022 is 0.135 euro/kWh.

The Irish government department said in December last year: "Clean Export Guarantee (CEG) will provide 15 years at a fixed rate, with a ceiling of 80% of eligible photovoltaic system power generation to encourage self consumption."

Qualified photovoltaic projects must have a self use rate of more than 70%. In order to support this ratio, the Irish government proposes to use smart meters.