Household PV Grid-tied and Engergy-storage Small Power System Solutions
Release Date: 2022-11-10 Visit: 269 Source: TIDE SOLAR INC.

The selected "KY-1HYBRID-5K0-H" series inverters, also known as hybrid or bidirectional solar inverters, are suitable for energy management of solar systems including multiple power generation units such as PV panel, batteries, generators, and power grids. Electricity from PV panels is used for residential electricity, and excess electricity can be stored in batteries. When the battery is fully charged, users can feed the excess power to the utility grid. When the PV power generation is not enough to meet the user's load demand, the battery will discharge to the load. If there is not enough energy storage in the battery unit, the grid will feed the load through the system.

The KY-1Hybrid-5k0-H series are inverters in transformerless topology with no isolation between DC input and AC output. Adaptive PV modules must meet IEC61730 Class A. The energy management system is shown in the figure.