Off-grid PV System Solutions in Remote Areas
Release Date: 2022-11-10 Visit: 240 Source: TIDE SOLAR INC.

The off-grid system refers to an independent system that is not directly connected to the public power grid. It is mainly composed of a solar cell array, a generator or battery bank, a solar controller, and an off-grid inverter. Common off-grid systems are: solar lighting, communication base stations in remote areas, highway monitoring systems, user systems in pastoral areas and underdeveloped areas.

Its working mode is as follows:

(1) During the day, the solar array generates electricity, and the generated energy can be charged to the battery pack through the charge and discharge controller, and simultaneously can directly supply power to the user's load. (2) When using electricity during the day, the energy generated by the local PV system will be selected first, and when it is not enough to support the electricity load, it will be switched to obtain electricity from the battery. When using electricity at night, firstly obtain electricity from the battery pack through the charge and discharge controller, and obtain electricity from the generator when the battery pack is insufficient.

Tidesolar can provide the integration of complete sets of off-grid photovoltaic systems, including photovoltaic cells, photovoltaic control and inverter integrated machines, energy storage batteries and other complete series of products, as well as overall solutions from site survey and design, system integration to system operation and maintenance.