EU Announces Green Agreement Industry Plan
Release Date: 2023-01-30 Visit: 134 Source: Tidesolar Technology Co., LTD.
Germany starts 1.95GW photovoltaic bidding!

Recently, Germany launched a new bidding project aimed at adding 1.95GW of large ground photovoltaic power to cultivated land and grassland in impoverished areas.
The bid deadline is set for March 1, 2023, with a maximum bid price of 0.0737 euros/kWh ($0.08 per kWh), which was raised earlier this week.
The bidding scheme for this bidding is applicable to cultivated land and grassland in poor areas, ranging from 500 MW (maximum) in Baden Wuerttemberg to 35 MW in Hesse, with each region being allocated a maximum quota.
Through this latest solar bidding, Germany will allocate one-third of its total capacity (5.85GW) in this year's bidding.
Due to the lack of subscription in the latest round of solar bidding, before the new bidding, the German Federal Network Agency raised the price ceiling for terrestrial solar bidding projects in an attempt to attract more interest.
Germany has also taken similar measures to raise the bidding price ceiling for rooftop solar energy. In its solar bidding to be held in 2023, Germany expects the bidding volume to increase.

Increase the price ceiling of solar bidding projects

Although the bidding volume for large ground photovoltaic projects reached 890MW, there was no corresponding price adjustment ceiling at that time. In December, the bidding volume was 677MW, and the winning bidding volume was 609MW.
Germany was not the only European country with insufficient bids for solar energy last year. Spain's latest bid did not sign a solar project contract, while Poland and Italy's contracted capacity was lower than previous bids.
In addition, Germany has received approval from the European Commission for its nearly $30 billion renewable energy plan, which will continue until the end of 2026, including increasing the number and scale of rooftop and ground photovoltaic bidding.

EU Announces Green Agreement Industry Plan

In the medium term, the European Sovereign Fund will provide more resources for upstream research, innovation, and strategic industrial projects that are crucial to achieving net zero emissions. The scope of this fund is not yet clear.
The Green Trading Industry Plan will also develop the skills base of workers to achieve the EU's net zero plan and establish an ambitious and strong international trade agenda to ensure the safety of the supply chain.
Von der Leyen also emphasized the need to address unfair trade practices that make the energy landscape uncompetitive, and pointed out China's global dominance in most renewable energy production.
Specific financial and legislative details, as well as the final scope of the green trading industry plan, have not yet been announced.
Dries Acke, policy director of SolarPower Europe, a trading agency, said that the green trading industry plan "is an important moment for European solar manufacturers. The EU is seriously addressing the concerns of the European solar industry in the past few months and years."
"We need to correctly set the European solar energy manufacturing target for 2030 to reflect the strategic role of solar energy as the core of energy transformation."