Chernobyl solar power plant construction


Rodina chose a site for its 1 MW solar power plant just a few hundred meters from the reactor, so the project could better serve as a symbol of the possibilities of working in restricted areas.

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Solar resources rise in UK and Spain


Jetstream changes drive UK, Spanish solar resources up

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Exhibition Direct | Tidesolar made a perfect appearance at The Smarter E South America


Solar energy has become a true environmental hero, bringing a host of important benefits to our dear planet.

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Component imports surge by 90%! More than 50,400 shipping containers shipped to the United States


U.S. solar power plants are booming, driven by generous tax incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act.

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South African government launches energy rebound loan guarantee scheme


In order to promote photovoltaic investment and solve the problem of unstable power supply, the South African government launched the Energy Rebound Loan Guarantee Scheme (EBB).

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Record solar construction expected across all regions this year


Global solar PV installations are expected to approach 270 GWdc in 2023, and construction will continue to accelerate.

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Three trends worth paying attention to in battery energy storage technology


ESCN News: The exponential growth of installed capacity of energy storage systems has created a new competitive landscape for battery manufacturers.

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The price of the photovoltaic market in the United States and Europe has fallen!


American think tank Edison Energy released the latest global renewable energy market report.

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40GW Super Battery Factory


Tata Group is the main investment holding company and initiator of several Tata companies. At present, Tata Group plans to build a 40GW super battery factory in the UK, and also plans to invest about 4 billion pounds.

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The demand for this mineral material in the solar energy industry will exceed 2000 thousand tons!


With the continuous improvement of technology and efficiency, solar photovoltaic will become the most competitive power source. And with appropriate policy support, solar energy will be deployed at an unprecedented pace in the next decade. Under the sustainable development scenario, solar energy will produce 13 times the amount of electricity in 2040, equivalent to 2019. At the same time, investment in the power grid will become more critical for the consumption of renewable energy and the reliability of the power system.

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New factory of international micro reverse giant completed


Enphase stated that this is the first of six planned US factories. As part of a trip in South Carolina to support its economic policies, US President Biden will visit the factory.

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Germany seeks proposal for a 10GW solar power plant


Economy of Germany's Ministry of Economic Affairs (BMWK) has launched a letter of intent process to invite solar module manufacturers to establish production facilities in Germany.

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